Do You Want More Swimming Pool Construction
Calls and Enquiries This Month?...

We get calls and requests for quotes pool and spa construction
every day from all over Australia.

Would you like them?

Local Pool Builder Needed
To Quote on the Jobs...

Hi, Zac Dillon here.

How would you like another source of leads for swimming pool construction?

Well, here's a profitable solution.

Right now, we get enquiries each week for new pool construction and repairs.

If you'd like the calls, let's do a deal!

  • The site they are coming from is
  • We kind of built it as a hobby site, however this year it has blown up receiving over 125,000 visits.
  • One of the most popular services is Swimming Pool Construction.

Name Area You Want Customers
(Area Exclusive to You)

I'd like to offer you ALL the traffic that comes from the locations around you. (Looking for 10-12 companies to do this around Australia).

What is the cost?

  • Normally, I'd sell these locations for $400/mth.
  • However, as a special for this month... You can lock in $300/mth 🙂


  • Buy 1 location - get 4 more free.
  • PLUS, I'll build you another 5 pages about ANY SERVICE you'd like.

That's 10 Pages for the
Price of 1

That's like having a second website for your company sending you leads. That you don't have to build or pay to manage. You don't have to do seo or adwords on. You don't have to wait for it to rank in Google (it's already there)

A second piece of digital real-estate sending you leads.

What's the Catch?...

I can't think of any.

If you don't like it, just stop. Cancel anytime.

Is there a guarantee: Yes. 30 Day 100% money back refund if you change your mind.

Is this exclusive: Yes. All you do is:

  1. Choose the location pages you want
  2. Tell were to send the visitors
  3. All the visitors that would have come to us, now go directly to you.

What can go wrong? Beats me. The site has been bringing in leads consistently for over 18 months, and only getting stronger.

The only catch: Only ONE business can take our pages in your areas... So first in best dressed.

How long is the 10 for 1 offer?: Not sure. Could end anytime, or if the pages get sold (obviously).

Be an Exclusive Lead Partner
More Business Guaranteed

Fiberglass Pools. Concrete Pools. Why not own a little more of the search traffic in your area?

How much revenue is one new installation worth? If this only brought you one more sale, it would still be worth it, right? What if it brought you more!

Remember: Money back guarantee in first 30 days if you change your mind.

One pool company is going to buy these. I'll just keep going down the local companies and calling them up one by one until your location is sold.

Don't give away extra revenue & profits, to another local company.

All the best,

Zac Dillon
Ph: 0414 187 443

YES! I'm Interested

Limited Time Offer

Have A Question...? Ask One Of Our Experts

  • Q.Who are you?

    A.I’m Zac Dillon. Usually I’m doing private seo on companies websites. This ‘rental’ idea is new, but brilliant (if I must say so).

  • Q.Where are you located?

    A.Our offices are in 265 King St. Newcastle NSW. I live in Maitland 🙂

  • Q.Who built the website?

    A.Me and my team. We work on the TrustedTradie site every month, to keep it rising in the search rankings (it’s what we do)

  • Q.Do you have other sites?

    A.Sure. We have other websites that work similarly in Chiropractic, Anti-wrinkle treatments and botox, Financial Planning, Tattoo Removal, Plastic Surgery

  • Q.Why do you do this?

    A.We like it. It’s our version of owning rental properties. We manage the site and keep it ranking, bringing in customers, and naturally charge a small fee. You (the business operator) can just “move in” at the push of a button, and get high value sales. It’s a win win.

  • Q.What's the Big Benefit to Me?

    A.Simple. It’s just a low cost way to have a second website in the Google Search rankings. (that you can PLUG into today). There is no waiting months (like seo). There is no stressing about Adwords. And it’s risk free.

    How else can you get more ‘real estate’ in Google? If you sell a good product, you are going to win more business.