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Wanting to build a swimming pool in your backyard. Trusted Tradie Pool Builders can help you.

Right now, there has never been a better time to invest in a pool for your family. Our Team at Trusted Tradie have access to inground concrete and fibreglass pools for Buninyong and Sebastopol and also surrounding suburbs Lake Gardens, Mitchell Park, Wendouree, Delacombe Mount Clear, and Mount Helen.

No matter if you imagine a stunning infinity pool, a lagoon style pool or a practical plunge pool, lap pool or spa, we will build you a swimming pool that is both beautiful, functional and cost effective, and with the ‘wow’ factor called for to add value to your home.

Your first decision is, should you build a fibreglass or concrete pool?

Fibreglass Swimming Pools Buninyong and Sebastopol

Today, more than half of all in-ground pools installed in Australia right now are fibreglass pools. Fibreglass pools are quick to install, because much of the fabrication work is done offsite in the factory. A conventional installation for our fibreglass pools will typically be done in a week or two, whereas concrete pools will typically take several weeks, if not months to complete. Very little on going care is needed. Fibreglass pools also look amazing with stunning and speckled finishes that shine in the sunshine.

Possibly the only drawback to fibreglass is the size and shape restrictions. You need to select one of our pre-made designs. This speeds up time and lowers costs, however, sometimes you prefer to a more customised solution.

Concrete Swimming Pools Buninyong and Sebastopol

Concrete pools can be crafted to any design you like. Your concrete pool is made completely on your site, so your Trusted Tradie pool builder can adjust your design exactly to suit your site. Yes, concrete pools generally cost more and take longer to build, depending on your site, it could take up to two to six months.

Backyard Swimming Pool design and Pool Landscaping Buninyong and Sebastopol

Buninyong and Sebastopol Pool Landscaper

Completely transform your outdoor space with our Trusted Tradie Landscaping team. Do you need guidance with design and manufacturing of pool fencing, decks and pavers, steps, garden areas, amazing water features, retaining walls. Contact Buninyong and Sebastopol Premium Landscaping here for more information.

Best Pool Sizes

Aspects that may determine the size of your pool may be the position of water or sewer mains, shading from major trees or the dwelling, access to other parts of the block (eg garage at back), and shape of your terrain.

  • Plunge pool are typically 5 × 3 metres, 6 × 4 metres to 7 × 3 metres
  • Average family pool sizes are 7 × 3 metres, 8 × 4 metres or 9 × 4 metres
  • Typical Lap pool: 9 × 2.5 metres, 10 × 3 metres to 15 × 3 metres

Buninyong and Sebastopol Plunge Pools

Smaller in size than traditional pools– usually 4-5 metres long and quite deep. If you have a small backyard and you still want pool ownership, our plunge pools are the ideal for you. You get all the benefits of bigger pools while fitting into smaller spaces.

Buninyong and Sebastopol Infinity Edge Pools

Create the spectacular visual effect of an ‘edge-less’ pool at your home. Infinity Edge Pools are extremely effective on sloping sites.

How Long to Build a Pool?

This is dependent on your pool layout and your backyard. You ought to allow 2 to 5 months for the entire assessment, design, building and construction and finishing process. This will vary moderately depending on your approval type, weather, the complexity of construction, as well as the landscaping and the finishes you select.

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How Much Does a Swimming Pool Cost in Buninyong and Sebastopol

The price greatly depending on the size, intricacy of construction and the number of features and finishes selected. The approximate amounts on what families spend to get a quality pool varies from $35,000 to well over $100,000. The average for a concrete pool in Buninyong and Sebastopol is approximately around $40,000 to $50,000. Fibreglass pool shells cost between $6,500 and $25,000.

The upfront investment of putting in a pool may be daunting, but compare that to the ongoing enjoyment. Your kids will love being at home swimming and you will save time and money. Instead of spending money on accommodation and travel, you may decide to stay at home over the holidays and enjoy the resort-style living pools offer.

Last, but certainly not least, a properly installed and maintained pool is an asset to your home. You will realise the resale value in your pool when you decide to sell the family home.

How Choose the Best Buninyong and Sebastopol Swimming Pool Builder

The right pool builder can save you a lot of time, stress and money. This is where Trusted Tradie Buninyong and Sebastopol Pool Builders can help. Designing your plan, visiting you at your home, and discussing all of your options is very important. By doing this you receive the pool of your dreams, and can enjoy it with your family for decades to come.


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