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Keeping your gutters clean is a simple job that can help prevent problems like clearing of blocked downpipes and rainwater leaking into your ceiling cavity. Dried out leaf litter can also be a fire hazard.

At Trusted Tradie Gutter Guard and Gutter Cleaningng Singleton we offer much more than your standard roof and gutters cleaning company. We will happily provide regular maintenance to ensure the long life of your properties roof and gutters — significantly reducing the risk of fire hazards, ceiling leaks and water damage.

Trusted Tradie will:

  • Remove Leaf Buildup

  • Blocked Gutters

  • Clearing Blocked Downpipes

  • Clogged Gutters are a Fire Hazard

  • Leaking Gutters

  • Commercial gutter cleaning

  • Residential gutter cleaning



how to professionally clean your gutters and remove leaves

Here is what your gutters probably look like

Whether its planned maintenance or an emergency, we are on hand to assist with any residential or commercial gutter cleaning requirements you may have. We specialise in height safety and promote safe work practice, meaning we can tackle any size job with excellent results and minimal fuss. No matter what the job is, Trusted Tradie Roof & Gutter Cleaners have you covered.


Singleton Gutter Guard Installation

protecting your gutters from clogging and fire risk

installation of Gutter Guard protection

less blocked gutters and buildup of leaves

Reduce bushfire risk with Gutter Guard installation


Gutter Guards play an important role in maintaining your home and keeping it safe. There’s four different types of Gutter Guards including plastic, galvanised mesh and powder coated metal gutter guards, as well as the hedgehog filter. Find out which one is best for your roof.

Our Gutter Guard is made from Colorbond Bluescope Steel.

  • Reduces Bushfire risk by reducing Ember Attack 
  • Council approved Gutter Guard, Highest Fire Rating available. Covers all BAL Ratings

If you are having trouble dealing with leaves or other debris clogging up your gutters, then it is about time you considered installing a gutter leaf guard. It may seem as a minor thing to do, but if you look at the dangers that dry leaves on a roof may cause, you will think twice about it.

Available in 22 different Colorbond Colours, Gutter Guard is designed & tailored made to suit all Australian roof types.



Singleton Roof inspections

  • Minor Roof Repairs

  • Roof maintenance

  • Anchor Point Installation


Gutter replacement

  • Gutter repairs

  • Want a Quote from a Gutter Guard Installer or Gutter Cleaning Expert


How much will it cost to have my gutters cleaned?

The cost for gutter cleaning depends on various factors:

  • The size and style of the gutters
  • The condition of your gutters
  • How much ladder work is involved
  • Whether there are branches or protection bars making access difficult
  • The pitch of the roof (how steep it is)
  • The roof surface (how slippery it is)
  • How much dirt is in the gutters

It’s important to me that the quote we provide you with is correct which is why I invite you to contact me so that I can visit your property and provide you with an obligation free quote.

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