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Bathurst Glass Pool Fencing

Looking for glass pool fencing? You simply must look at the fencing team at Trusted Tradie Fencing Bathurst, our team have been providing effective pool glass fencing for properties throughout Bathurst and the Western NSW, including Oberon. We do our best to provide cutting-edge and cost effective results for years to come.

Why Choose Glass Swimming Pool Fencing?

  1. Contemporary Style
    A glass balustrade veranda or pool fence is the perfect mix of flawless and modern meets beauty– primarily once it concerns today’s favourite architectural looks. But a glass courtyard will also enhance the most standard property , striking the ideal balance of new-meets-old with a slick, low-profile and trendy look that will complement rather than clash with any building style.
  2. Natural Light & Unobstructed Outdoor Views
    Right now there are a number of things that actually matter to homeowners — and they are the view, and the light. And a glass balustrade pool deck or balcony makes the most of both. Got a gorgeous view of the backyard landscaping or ocean? Maybe it’s the swimming pool, spa or garden you wish to see in all their splendor? See right through it with unlimited, pristine glass. Not only that, did you know that a glass fence won’t block that traditional balustrades will? Beautiful, natural light.
  3. Quick and Easy Maintenance
    Got some Spray n Wipe? Well then, you’ve already got pretty much everything you need to keep your glass fencing looking as good as the time it was built. So when you’re cleaning windowns around your house, give your glass balustrade fence some similar attention . In fact, here’s some tips on cleaning a glass pool fence that equally apply to balustrades.
  4. Safety Approved
    Some may question whether a glass barrier is as safe as something that certainly appears to be much stronger — nevertheless they’d be wrong. Trusted Tradie Glass Fence installations are extremely well designed and fully tested and compliant glass balustrades– Remember, glass is in fact among the most durable materials ever devised, especially when exposed to years of harsh Aussie weather conditions. Do you realise that your new glass balustrade fence or frameless design is ultimately safer than conventional rail balustrades. This is because there are no gaps that could put at risk pets or kids, and no rails or grip for young children to clamber up .


Frameless Glass Pool Fencing in Bathurst

We specialise in frameless glass pool fencing, and our team of experienced fence builders are ready to help you make the right selection on your new swimming pool fencing needs and answer any technical questions you have.

A practical frameless glass pool fence definitely will add a stylish and modern touch to any indoor or outdoor pool area. Our frameless fencing is seamless and minimalsitic, and adds a touch of class to any backyard swimming pool area.

With over 15 years experience and a focus on quality and after-sales service you can depend on Trusted Tradie Fencing to supply and install your frameless glass pool fence or frameless glass balustrade to the highest possible professional standard. Contact us today to learn more or to arrange a free quote.

Glass Balustrades Bathurst

Glass balustrades and frameless glass balustrades offer unobstructed visibility with clear glass, or they can offer a bit more privacy, with tinted glass. Clients can also choose custom patterns on the glass finish.

All glass balustrades are toughened to allow for maximum safety and strength. We offer fully-framed balustrades, semi-frameless models and frameless balustrades, so there’s one to meet your particular needs and style preferences.

Our expert builders can craft a custom design that will suit your structure’s unique architecture. Then, our installers will install your new balustrades in a quick, efficient fashion, all while making sure minimal disruption to your home or business in the process.


Do You Need a Custom Glass Pool Fence?

Pool glass fencing can not only increase the safety for your family but it can also help enhance the look and feel of your home. Our glass pool fencing comes in many sizes to custom fit perfectly with your homes existing look and can increase the monetary market value of your property.

Local Bathurst Installers Contractors and Suppliers

Every One Of our Trusted Tradie Pool Fencing contractors in Bathurst are locally trained and certified. We service the whole Bathurst area and Western NSW, including Oberon.


Affordable for Bathurst Glass Pool Fencing

Trusted Tradie guarantee to you the most affordable prices to create, supply and install your new pool fence.

Choose Clear or Tinted Glass

Find the perfect look you desire. Clear glass for natural light, or tinted glass for a more private pool fence.

For a Free Quote and Site Inspection

Get a free on-site assessment. Trusted Tradie Pool Fencing are willing to visit to you and discuss your selections.

Contact us today. Phone 1300 663 650.


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