Should You Hire a Painter or DIY

 Maintaining a home is both fun and expensive. Especially after a few years when everything starts to fall apart one by one. The easiest way to go about it is to hire someone fix things up for you but why hire when you can save some of your money and do it yourself? But accidents happen and people end up in emergency rooms which tends to add up to the DIY budget; when this happens, you would have been better off hiring someone to do the job for you.

Here we will help you determine whether what it’ll be cost effective for you to DIY or do-it-yourself or simply a hire a professional tradesman to do it.


When considering to DIY home repairs and home improvement projects, and paint jobs, consider your safety. Your safety should be your number one consideration before doing anything. First consider if what you’re doing has the potential to kill you. It sounds exaggerated but if you’re going to climb to top of your roof, and then slip up without the proper precautions, you might end up with something worse than just a cut. Better call a professional. 

Also one warning sign is if it requires a permit. There are certain installations that require a permit which only a licensed tradesman can get. One good example is installing an electric water heater. Permits are there to ensure the safety for everyone.

Lastly, the possibility of you messing up and destroying your home. Big project likes installing a bath tub, fixing the entire household plumbing, can become very complicated real fast. Without the experience and the skill a licensed plumber has, you could end up destroying your home.


Maintaining a home takes a lot of your time and if you have a full-time career, then the weekends might possibly be your only free time. You get the most value when you DIY but when you don’t have enough time and the job is an essential for living in the home, hiring someone might be better.

  • Get a quote from tradesman and consider if you can afford it and if you have the time.
  • Consider the cost if you’re going to do it by yourself
  • Estimate the time. This will be more difficult to estimate versus cost as there may be unforeseeable obstacles along the way but determining the timeline will help you consider if you can do it yourself for a half a day or if it will take 3 days to finish the job.

Choosing between DYIng and hiring a professional tradesman may not just be about money. Opting the DIY route not only saves you money but doing more and more of those will add to your skills. On the flip side, having things done professionally will assure you the satisfaction of a quality job that a busy person may not have the time to do.

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