How to Find the Right House Painter

Having your house repainted may seem an easy task: just hire someone to do it, right? In a way, yes, why you could even do-it-yourself but that becomes daunting if you have a relatively large home. You wouldn’t know how many coatings you will need, what specific tools to use and so on and so […]

4 Tips For Painting Your Bathroom

The biggest thing to note when painting your bathroom is to remember that it is a place for rest and relaxation. This is where you take bath and unload all your worries To ensure that your new or remodeled bath has just the right colour scheme, one of the first items on your list should […]

Paint vs Wallpaper

Which Should You Choose? Go ahead and ask your local painters which one is better and chances are they will all be giving the same answer. In any case, a painter will be a bit more biased with their answers and for a very good reason. We’d of course always argue that paint is superior, […]

5 Questions to Ask a Painter Before Hiring

Asking the right questions will land you the best painter for you, ask the wrong questions and you might end up frustrated in dealing with them and even receive sub par work for your home and business. Spare yourself from an unreliable painter by knowing the right questions to ask and by how they answer […]

Should You Hire a Painter or DIY

 Maintaining a home is both fun and expensive. Especially after a few years when everything starts to fall apart one by one. The easiest way to go about it is to hire someone fix things up for you but why hire when you can save some of your money and do it yourself? But accidents […]

Do-It-Yourself Paint Repairs

Are you bothered by the dings to your walls, the dents, and maybe the walls outside the house looks so bland? Worry not as we can help you brighten up your home! We will teach you how to repair and repaint your walls and how to even protect them from weather damage. What you will […]

Painting the Exterior of Your House

There are a few things in your home that can give such an impact to your home. One of those things is the exterior of your house. We will take you through a few steps on how you can DIY or Do-It-Yourself painting your own home and save a few bucks. 1.  First Step: Prepare […]

Roof Painting

Painting the roof of a house is something that is not done by default with any house that is built but it is slowly becoming more and more popular these days. There are different approaches when it comes to painting the roof of a house, and it will all depend on what kind of roofing […]

How to Paint Your Walls

Painting your walls can both be a very fun task but at the same time can become very daunting. Especially when deciding on what colour to paint with and possibly even what design your wall can and should have. There two ways you can go with: choose the perfect colour for your home and/or choose […]