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Funfields Theme Park

Unlimited rides and new attractions

Whittlesea is a town in Victoria, Australia, 40 kilometres (25 mi) north-east from Melbourne’s central business district. Its local government area is the City of Whittlesea. Although located only a few kilometres from the outer fringes of metropolitan Melbourne, Whittlesea lies outside the Urban Growth Boundaries of the Melbourne 2030 metropolitan development plan. It is therefore expected to maintain its status as a separate town until 2030 and beyond. City of Whittlesea planning policy for Whittlesea township envisages minimal growth over the next decade so that the township will retain its rural character. The town has a local volunteer (CFA) fire brigade as well as a limited hours Police station. On 22 January 2009 Health Minister Daniel Andrews opened an ambulance station in Whittlesea. This station operates between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm daily. This was a 2006 state election promise made by the Bracks Labor Government.

Local attractions include the Funfields Fun toboggan Park, Torourrong Reservoir, Yan Yean Reservoir, Bear’s Castle and the old Courthouse (now a tourist information center). A tennis club was set up early on by local Residents (Laurel Street). A pivotal person helping to establish and develop this was a Mr Jack (John Alfred) Wailes who also helped establish the Whittlesea Golf Course as a privately run entity. Laural street (now cricket club) was also the original site of the famous Rural Whittlesea Agricultural show. There are also the following sporting/ social clubs: Australian Rules Football Club, Bowls Club, Scouts, Masons, Golf Club (new – Growling Frog), Pony Club, Basketball, Motorbike Club c/o K&J Thomas.
A team also represents Whittlesea in Darts. It participates in the Northern Darts Association (N.D.A.) at the Royal Mail Hotel (The Royals). The team is currently participating in C Grade of the N.D.A.



Bundoora Homestead

Historic Bundoora Homestead and Art Gallery

Bundoora is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 16 km north of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Its local government areas are the Cities of Banyule, Darebin and Whittlesea. Bundoora is the headquarters of La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) also has a campus situated in Bundoora. The word Bundoora is derived from “Kelbundoora”, the name of a 19th-century Wurundjeri tribesman.

Bundoora is home to Mount Cooper. Mount Cooper is located within Bundoora Park, a large (180 ha) public park. Often claimed to be Metropolitan Melbourne’s highest point. Bundoora is situated on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people, and the name “Bundoora” is derived from “Kelbundoora”, the name of a 19th-century Wurundjeri man. Bundoora is the terminus of tram route 86. The line was completed in 1986. The last W2 class tram ran along this route in mid-1987. The closest train stations are Watsonia on the Hurstbridge line and South Morang railway station on the South Morang line. The Western Ring Road Trail and Darebin Creek Trail provides facilities for recreational and commuting cyclists.

Bundoora has a football team competing in the Northern Football League.Golfers play at the Bundoora Park Public Course o n Plenty Road, at the course of the Strathallan Golf Club on Main Drive or at the course of the Kings Park Golf Club on Plenty Road. Bundoora is also home to the Bundoora Brumbies Baseball Club, the club competes in the Melbourne Winter Baseball League in B and D grade division with reserves teams in both B reserve and D reserve. The club also has a Women’s team that competes in the Baseball Victoria Summer League Women’s section. The City Football Academy, administrative and training headquarters of A-League club Melbourne City FC is located in Bundoora, adjacent to the La Trobe University main campus.


Mill Park

Westfield Plenty Valley

Shopping centre in the suburb

Mill Park is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 19 km north-east of Melbourne’s central business district. Its local government area is the City of Whittlesea. Mill Park’s boundaries are South Morang and Epping to the north, Plenty and the Blossom Park and Rivergum estates to the east, Bundoora and Thomastown to the south and Lalor to the west. The area is named after the Mill Park property owned by Henry “Money” Miller (1809-1888). He bred racehorses and conducted a range of dairy and grazing activities, sufficient to occupy 65 persons housed in a village on the property. The Findon Hounds and the Findon Harriers Hunt Club—a name connected with Miller’s residence—Findon in Kew, were at Mill Park.

Modern Mill Park consists of both the traditional Mill Park land and the expanding neighborhood of Mill Park Lakes, located to the Northeast. Shopping in Mill Park consists of The Stables Shopping Centre, located on Childs Road, Plenty Valley Shopping Centre, located on McDonald’s Road and Mill Park Plaza, located on the corner of Plenty Road and Development Boulevard close to the suburb of South Morang. Mill Park is not short of fast food restaurants, with McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks, KFC and Domino’s Pizza all within close proximity of one another. Mill Park is also the home of other Bistro restaurants including Kitchen Ku and La Porchetta. Mill Park serves as the northern suburbs home of softball. Northern District Softball Association is based in Mill Park Reserve on Morang Drive and is the only softball association in the area, the next closest being Fawkner Park based Melbourne Softball Association. N.D.S.A offers softball to all ages and abilities and has sent several players to State and National teams. Any Saturday in summer can see the park alive with children and adults alike.