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Mount Gambier

Blue Lake

Lake with a vibrant cobalt blue colour

Mount Gambier is the second most populated city in South Australia with an estimated urban population of 28,684.[1] The city is located on the slopes of Mount Gambier (volcano) in the south east of the state, about 450 kilometres (280 mi) south-east of the capital Adelaide and just 17 kilometres (11 mi) from the Victorian border, it is the most important settlement in the Limestone Coast region and the seat of government for both the City of Mount Gambier and the District Council of Grant. The city is well known for its geographical features, particularly its volcanic and limestone features, most notably its Blue Lake, parks and gardens, caves and sinkholes.

Mount Gambier is the major service centre for the tourism region known as The Limestone Coast. It is a progressive community, visitors enjoy city services and facilities. With many natural attractions, including volcanic craters, lakes, limestone caves, sinkholes and underground aquifers, surrounded by a thriving city with a wide range of accommodation, shopping and entertainment opportunities. Tourism generates around $100 million for the Mount Gambier economy. The city is a major accommodation gateway for the region.

The Blue Lake is a large monomictic crater lake located in a dormant volcanic maar associated with the Mount Gambier maar complex. The lake is situated near Mount Gambier in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia and is one of four crater lakes on Mount Gambier maar.