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Selecting The Best Essendon Painter

Are you looking to renovate your home, or quite possibly you are constructing a new residential property. Great news is you have chosen the best, experienced painter in Essendon VIC. The TrustedTradie painter Essendon, as well as Strathmore, Niddrie, Essendon Fields, and Essendon North VIC can make your life a lot easier and your property more valuable.

Generally, you may use paint inside and outside your home. With a lot of styles and colour choices available to you. It is still the least expensive way of redecorating, so if you’re after a new look without the large cost, then having your house painted is definitely the way to go

Finding the Best Painter For Your Home

Trusted Tradie identifies the best and most highly rated Essendon tradesmen in the area.

Your Trusted Tradie Essendon Painter can carry out the following for you:


Colour Consulting:

Selecting the right colours is not always easy. Help from an expert on the best colour combinations inside and outside will get you a great finished result. Your trusted tradesman painter will ask thoughts about your colour selections and the feeling you are aiming to create, to narrow down the colour combination. Hiring an interior designer is another option. An interior designer can also assist with colour consulting.

Interior Painter:

Our professional painter will begin preparing all the interior surfaces for painting, they will give protection to the floors as well as any household furniture. Painting the interior of your home is a fantastic way to change the look of any room. Use a single colour, or combine a few different colours for any number of effects.

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Exterior House Painter:

Just like the interior, painting the external surfaces of your property can give your property an upgrade. You will also discover that an exterior house painter will improve the life of your property, protecting wall surfaces and surfaces from the elements. Our team of Essendon Painters will take off old paint, prep and prime the exterior surfaces as well as apply the new coating using your colour selections.


Protect gates and fences from the sun and rain and make them look great. Your local painter will more than likely use a spray gun, as this allows them to paint large areas faster and use less paint than other methods. Most common material is timber fence painting, however concrete render is becoming more common as well.


Your roof is one of the most noticed sections of your home, and often takes up one third of the street presence. Roof painting ensures your roof is protected and complements the look of your home. The roof must first be pressure cleaned to remove dirt and grime. It is then repaired if needed, before a sealer is applied. The painter will then probably use an airless spray painting gun to apply the paint. For more information see roof painters.

Exterior Timber Maintenance: From time to time, the timber around your home will need to be preserved so that it stays looking its best. A painter can assist by cleaning the timber and applying new stains, oils, varnishes and paints to the timber.

Special Finishes: Special paint finishes like metallic, satin, pearl and suede are great choices to individualise your room. You don’t have to choose standard matt or gloss.

Spray Painting: When you need speed, spray painting is the fastest and most efficient way to paint a large exterior area. It is most effectively used on outside surfaces as the spray can drift when it is applied. While you can do a Do It Yourself spray painting job, hiring a professional will ensure a sleek finish.

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Best Commercial Painter in Essendon

Commercial offices, buildings and commercial properties also need to be painted from frequently. Whether it’s a strata-managed property, shop, school, hospital or office block, professional commercial painters will create a look to suit your needs and aim to get the work done with minimal disruption to the business.

From small jobs to large office buildings, trusted tradies can complete all commercial property painting jobs

We are the best commercial painters are able to do all kinds of painting and create any effect that is necessary, for example, suede, metallic, pearl, sponged, or rust effects for your office. They are well trained and knowledgeable and know which tool is best for the job. Finishing quickly the first time is essential. Best commercial painters will use rollers for large internal areas, and spray guns for large external walls. The painters will be sure to protect the other elements of the property, such as floor coverings, window treatments, glass, or even your landscaping outside.

Trusted Tradie Commercial Painters are the experts in commercial properties understand that minimal disruption to the business is ideal and thus they will often employ teams of painters to get the work done quickly and to the highest quality, and sometimes work out of office hours where appropriate.

How to Find the Best Essendon House Painter

Here’s what makes our TrustedTradie Painters different:

  • All surface preparation should be done
  • Patching timber and bog holes
  • Protecting areas from paint by putting down drop sheets.
  • Removing old paint
  • Safely removing lead-based paint.
  • All paint preparation
  • Using brushes, rollers or spray painting
  • Cleaning up all equipment, work areas and any splatters that may have resulted while painting.
  • Application of waterproofing systems to wet areas.
  • Assembling scaffolding necessary to finish job.
  • Sanding





Basic Things You Should Consider

  • What are the functions of the room that needs to be repainted?
  • What is the atmosphere you like to create?
  • While darker colours tend to make a room feel smaller.
  • The size of the room?
  • To make a room look bigger, select light colours.
  • What direction does the room face?


Choosing Your Colour Scheme:

What are the best colour combinations to adhere to?

  • Monochromatic colours– various shades of the same colour;
  • Harmonious colours– similar colours are matched and used;
  • Contrasting colours– where two very different colours are used i.e. black and white.


Selecting Your Type of Paint

There are many different types of paint, and what you use will depend upon the area to be painted and the kind of weather conditions that it must endure.

Outdoor areas need to cope with harsher conditions due to weather, so need to be painted with special exterior paints. Most exterior paints have UV protection which greatly increases how long your paint lasts outside.

Interior paints have to suit their purpose. Bathrooms and other wet areas will require a paint that can withstand moisture, such as a semi-gloss or gloss. While general living areas can get by with a flat surface.

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Painting Children’s Rooms. If you have kids or require a paint that is more durable, wash and wear paint may be a good option. Of course bright paint colours are always a kids favourite.

Inside your home and office you have numerous options and special paint finishes and effects available such as metallic, pastel, suede, pearl, colour washing, marbling, rag rolling, ragging, sponging, dragging, crackling, stenciling, stainless steel, lime washes and rusted iron, among others.

These days, you can even have blackboard paint– great for the kitchen or even study areas! With such an amazing range of choice, consulting a professional will help you choose the best options your home. Many painting companies will provide a colour consultancy service, or you may hire the services of an interior designer.

Essendon Wallpaper

Wallpapering is a classy option to paint, creating textures and effects that paint alone cannot achieve. Today’s wallpapers are easy to apply and remove and come in a wide range of colours and textures. Textures include hessian, canvas, vinyl, wood and rice paper, among others. Most paint companies will take down old wallpaper for you and install new wallpaper of your choice.


Selecting a House Painter

When choosing your professional licensed painter, typically we think you should choose TrustedTradie Essendon Painting. Here are a few steps you ought to follow when hiring a local paint expert. First of all, tell the painter what you require regarding colour scheme, area to be painted, your timeframe, etc. Get an estimate for the whole project, ensuring that it is as complete as possible regarding the brand of paint you have chosen, the amount of paint required and labour costs. The quote should also include how much time the job is expected to take when progress payments should be paid, and included protecting your valuables, and all cleanup. Working out all these things before commencing the project will save any potential concerns later.


How Much Should You Pay a Local House Painter?

Commercial painters are going to base any estimate on an hourly rate of $50 to $60 per hour. This will vary depending on your location, access, and difficulty of the project. Industrial painters will quote around the same. One thing to consider, is that if your job requires Scaffolding, the charges can increase substantially– if you have a multi-level house for example. TrustedTradie are probably the best painters in Essendon. Our prices always included everything for the completion of the job. No hidden charges. All paint and materials, labour and subcontractor costs, jobsite expenses, and clean up. Every single thing is covered so you don’t get any surprises at the completion of the job.


Call Trusted Tradie Essendon today for your paint job in Strathmore, Niddrie, Essendon Fields, and Essendon North VIC.

We have the capacity to quote for large and smaller jobs, as an example, a single room.


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