5 Questions to Ask a Painter Before Hiring

Asking the right questions will land you the best painter for you, ask the wrong questions and you might end up frustrated in dealing with them and even receive sub par work for your home and business. Spare yourself from an unreliable painter by knowing the right questions to ask and by how they answer your questions. Asking the right questions is not enough but what and how they answer will be crucial. Someone who is reliable will be able to give you answers immediately and without hesitation and will not find the need to flatter you with their answers.

What follows is 5 questions you can ask to them (in no particular order):

Ask to see their license

The best thing to ask before anything else is to see their license. If the painter is reliable and professional, they will not hesitate to share with you their license. Making sure that their license is genuine and not expired will save you and everyone else from possible legal troubles if problem arises.

References from previous contracts

Someone who is confident yet humble enough with their skills will not hesitate to give you referrals of past jobs. Take the time to talk to previous clients and ask for feedback. Ask if they were satisfied or not. Knowing this will give you the assurance that they can do satisfactory work.

How long they have been in business.

This question should be paired up with asking to see their license. If your potential painter can establish how long they have been in business which assures you that: one, they are not a pop-up business trying to scam people, at the same time you can make sure that they actually have a business address.

Insurance against damage.

Making sure that they have insurance against damage is absolutely crucial. Despite any assurances from them, the future is always uncertain and if your painter has insurance against damage to your property will set your mind at ease and even theirs while they do their job.

Terms of Payment

It is important to establish the terms of payment before going through with any work with any painter. Establishing this ensures both parties of getting work done and getting paid without any problems moving forward. Make sure to have everything in writing for everyone’s peace of mind.

These are just some tips that we can give you to ask potential painter. You can ask more but we believe these questions are crucial in determining the best painter for your needs.


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